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Soul Song Paralytic


Soul Song is a body of work that is a collaboration about Saint Solitude’s Album: Soul Song Paralytic. Dup Crossen the song- writer and lyricist called on me to make visual art that represents the songs on the album. We had multiple events where the band performed with the work hung in different galleries and venues in Oakland and San Francisco. The project went on for two years. I made new pieces to add to the narrative during that time. It was a living, growing, changing experience. We also made a music video for one of the songs on the album called: Radio Silence. The work reflects the paralyzing emotions of grief and trying to make our way to a stage of acceptance. It strongly depicts the back and forth in one’s mind about the memories that we struggle to let go of in our lives and the people. Check out the links for an experience of the shows and videos. 

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