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Knuckleheads 2020


Dara Lorenzo and Writer Timmy Reed have been friends since they were fourteen years old and this is their first time collaborating together for a gallery show. Knuckleheads is a showcase celebrating love and old friendship while at play exploring the often chaotic world that can be life in their grimy, beloved hometown, Baltimore City. The pieces in the show represent the mixed emotions that fill the city and the artists’ own personal lives: Abstraction versus clarity, textual narrative, loud statements, wild afternoons, joy, vandalism, and, hopefully, empathy. They aim to bring the audience into a world of alleys, bridges, parks, and stoops full of potential, excitement and humor, as well as frequent depression and despair. It is also just life. It is just for fun. Hey, You Knuckleheads! (T. Reed 2020)

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